Hi, I'm Andrae palmer. I’m a music producer, sound engineer. I have a passion for music & everything audio.

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  • What artist should do before recording vocals

  • As a vocalist, there are certain techniques one has to do to prepare the vocals for a performance. This is no different when you are about to record. Warm up exercises are necessary to relax the vocals before you sing. It will make a huge difference to not running out of breath and your ability […]

  • 5 lessons learned from starting my own record label

  • I registered my record label in August 2010, with the aim of releasing reggae and dancehall compilations. The name of the company was Remla Productions, and by December I was ready to put out my first record which was titled The Retirement Riddim. Since then, I have released over 7 compilations, 1 ep and a number of singles. The journey has been a wonderful learning experience and below I share 5 lessons I learned along the way.

  • Why an artist needs a music producer

  • This article shares why a singer-songwriter needs a music producer. It also shares some of the benefits an artist can gain working with a producer.