Podcast Editing Service

Editing your podcast can take up to two hours out of your day. After you have recorded your show, taking out the long pauses, double takes of lines, ahms (fillers) and unnecessary words can really be a pain. It’s time-consuming. But have you ever thought about outsourcing your editing?
Outsourcing your podcast editing gives you back the time you lost. Outsourcing your podcast editing can also get you the customized precise editing you desire.

You gain:

  1. More time to promote your show
  2. More time to interview new guest
  3. Work with more clients
  4. Time to Sell more products
  5. More time to spend doing other things you love.

How does it work?


You record your show.


Send us the files for your show using wetransfer.com along, with the script/ show outline and intro and outro music to hello@andraepalmer.com


We edit the show according to your specifications and send it back to you for revision.


After you finalize the show you publish it for your audience to enjoy.

That’s it. Simple as 1,2,3.

I will:

  • Make your voice have a consistent volume
  • Remove Mistakes
  • Remove Uhm and other fillers
  • Remove Noise
  • Mixdown with outro and intro and music
  • Add all commercials smoothly
  • Insert ID3 tags
  • $ 300 per month for 4 episodes