What artist should do before recording vocals

What artist should do before recording vocals

vocalist singing

As a vocalist, there are certain techniques one has to do to prepare the vocals for a performance. This is no different when you are about to record. Warm up exercises are necessary to relax the vocals before you sing. It will make a huge difference to not running out of breath and your ability to sing on key all the time. So hear a few basic things you can do before you record.

Breathing exercise

Start off with some basic breathing exercises. This will help you relax and prepare your vocals to sing high notes as well as help you with stamina while singing a song right through. Breathing exercises help you with power. If you know how to sing from your diaphragm you can get a lot of power out of your voice with the least amount of effort.

Scales (do re me fa so la ti do)

Scales help you with your pitch. Depending on the key of the song sing the scale to the root note or main key of the song you’re about to sing. This will help you sing on key every time and prepare your ears to listen out for any wrong notes. Also, harmony notes can be easily identified when warming up with scales.

Sing the song from start to finish

Once you are finished with scales sing the song right through as if it was your last performance, singing from your diaphragm. Practice managing your breathing as well as your pitch. Ensure that it is even, consistent and you’re comfortable doing it. Build on your performance as you practice the song. Once you’re done you should be ready to record.

Warm up exercises are good to do before recording vocals as it helps your voice to do the work.