5 alternative places to host live shows

Live performance is an important part of the marketing mix for artist. the problem sometimes though, is where to host shows. In this article I’ll share 5 different venues ideal to host your shows. School auditoriums Many schools have small to medium sized auditoriums, that can be used to host concerts. These spaces may be booked for tours across the country. Also, these tours are perfect for targeting music fans

Creating the Perfect set list for live performance

Part of being an artist is performing live. I found this post awhile back by Wade Sutton and he explained how to design your set list. Below is some of the main points he shared to designing your set list of live performance. Website link: http://www.rockettothestars.com/#!creating-the-perfect-set-list/c1io3 Make a list of nine songs you perform at your shows Now rate each song from 1 – 5 base upon tempo. 5 being