Andrae Palmer voicing a radio feature inside Jamaica information service radio studio

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Hi, I’m Andrae Palmer, content creator from Jamaica. I can teach you how to use online tools to get and engage your customers. With the overwhelming choices to reach your customers and the change in how they buy goods and services. Adapting your strategy online is a must. Luckily you dont have to go too far to get up to speed as that what this blog is about.

By subscribing to my blog you’ll learn in depth how to articles about how to use social media tools in bit size chunks. Specifically how to generate ideas for native content to engage your customers. Also i’ll teach you a system you can use to turn casual followers into paying customers.

I know this sounds like a lot of work because it is. But let me take you step by steo through the process of managing your social media channels effectively. If you’re interested lets stay in touch via email