4 ways to earn money doing music full time

The question is asked, how do you make money from making music as a recording artist? Because there are multiple ways of earning income as an artist I’ll focus on four of the main ones. Selling your albums and singles The first way is by sales.  You may record an album, get it mixed and mastered, you package it by CDs, vinyl, cassette, flash drive, digital files, you sell those

How to start your career as a music producer

If you’re interested in becoming a music producer they are many roads you can take to build a career. And your journey will on depend on the type of music production you want to do. If it’s edm production laidback luke has a video on youtube that outlines the process which makes it easier to develop your skills. just to go over it here: Start by doing edits to tracks

Why Rehearsal is Important before recording

Vocalist and musicians are true to their craft. They work day and night practicing to getting better at singing and playing their instrument. If you incorporate practice into your daily routine you’re well on your way to mastering your instrument. When approaching a recording project same dedication should be taken. That’s why rehearsals are important. They are not only for live performances. They’re for studio recordings as well. Here are