3 Benefits of Using Outreach Projects as a Marketing Tool

1. Expose your music to a cause and to people who share the same vision. Seeing improved cancer care or better options for care facilities is an initiative you want to be a part of. Partnering with groups that share the common interest is during cancer awareness month, is one way for you to get involved in building awareness to a mutual cause and creating an awareness of who you

How to get paid for the work you do

One of the worse things is doing work and not getting paid You pour your heart out getting everything perfect. You spend the time, busting your brain figuring out every detail. Taking the time to craft the masterpiece and deliver it on time to the client. Finally, the stress is over and you can move on with your life and get paid. Then the unthinkable. Nothing. Silence. No comment about

3 myths about becoming a recording artist

Have you ever wanted to become a recording artist? Have you been writing original songs but not sure what to do with them? Do you have the desire to sing your songs in front of a live audience? Then becoming a recording artist is the next step. But with that comes some misconception that might prevent you from making that next step. Below I share 3 myths about becoming a

6 things you need to know before producing your first album

Producing an album can be a scary process if you don’t know what you are doing. It can also get expensive without looking at the bigger picture. In this post, are 6 things to consider when producing your first album. How many songs are going to put on the album The first thing you need to determine is how many songs you want on the album. This will affect the

5 alternative places to host live shows

Live performance is an important part of the marketing mix for artist. the problem sometimes though, is where to host shows. In this article I’ll share 5 different venues ideal to host your shows. School auditoriums Many schools have small to medium sized auditoriums, that can be used to host concerts. These spaces may be booked for tours across the country. Also, these tours are perfect for targeting music fans