How use cover songs to promote yourself as an artiste

A cover song is when an artist sings over another artist’s original song. In the early days of music, in particular, reggae music, a number of the artists sang covers. One such person is Sanchez. He transformed popular songs from  R&B, Souls, and did those songs on reggae beats, and he made the song his own. An easy promotional strategy is to sing covers that are from artists whose fan

4 things you can do to Promote your music now

You have finished the recording and mixing process for your new song now what? Here are four things you can do now to promote your music. 1.Email songs to friends The general understanding is, each person, may know at least five persons.These persons may be friends, acquaintances, family members,  persons you meet, etc. You’d have had their contact email address, or, are friends on  Facebook, for instance. So this first

How to use Youtube to Promote your music

Youtube is the largest platform for videos online next to Google. Many persons use this to access music. As an artist, it’s a tool you can use to build your online following, to effectively promote your work. Here is a problem though. For an upcoming artist, you are unknown to many, and so there won’t be much of any searches for your music. Except for having a  small following, eg.

How do you get your music on iTunes

After you have recorded your song, have it mixed and mastered the next thing you will need to do is have your music in places for them to buy it. So how do you do that when you live outside the USA or don’t have a distributor? I look to answer that question in today’s post. Being outside the United States, or Europe, in order to get your music into

Should an independent artist get a manager

A manager’s purpose is to help manage your career and to make sure you make as much money as possible, as an artist. That’s their purpose, to manage your career. They bring you to the next level in terms of exposure and earning money. If the manager you have is not making you money, get rid of him. Let’s examine the Pros and the Cons, of the matter. Yes To