How to get paid for the work you do

One of the worse things is doing work and not getting paid You pour your heart out getting everything perfect. You spend the time, busting your brain figuring out every detail. Taking the time to craft the masterpiece and deliver it on time to the client. Finally, the stress is over and you can move on with your life and get paid. Then the unthinkable. Nothing. Silence. No comment about

3 myths about becoming a recording artist

Have you ever wanted to become a recording artist? Have you been writing original songs but not sure what to do with them? Do you have the desire to sing your songs in front of a live audience? Then becoming a recording artist is the next step. But with that comes some misconception that might prevent you from making that next step. Below I share 3 myths about becoming a

How do you get your music on iTunes

After you have recorded your song, have it mixed and mastered the next thing you will need to do is have your music in places for them to buy it. So how do you do that when you live outside the USA or don’t have a distributor? I look to answer that question in today’s post. Being outside the United States, or Europe, in order to get your music into

4 ways to earn money doing music full time

The question is asked, how do you make money from making music as a recording artist? Because there are multiple ways of earning income as an artist I’ll focus on four of the main ones. Selling your albums and singles The first way is by sales.  You may record an album, get it mixed and mastered, you package it by CDs, vinyl, cassette, flash drive, digital files, you sell those