4 things you can do to Promote your music now

You have finished the recording and mixing process for your new song now what? Here are four things you can do now to promote your music. 1.Email songs to friends The general understanding is, each person, may know at least five persons.These persons may be friends, acquaintances, family members,  persons you meet, etc. You’d have had their contact email address, or, are friends on  Facebook, for instance. So this first

How to use Youtube to Promote your music

Youtube is the largest platform for videos online next to Google. Many persons use this to access music. As an artist, it’s a tool you can use to build your online following, to effectively promote your work. Here is a problem though. For an upcoming artist, you are unknown to many, and so there won’t be much of any searches for your music. Except for having a  small following, eg.