6 things you need to know before producing your first album

Producing an album can be a scary process if you don’t know what you are doing. It can also get expensive without looking at the bigger picture. In this post, are 6 things to consider when producing your first album. How many songs are going to put on the album The first thing you need to determine is how many songs you want on the album. This will affect the

How to record vocals if you don’t have a vocal booth

The ability to record vocals was one of my greatest dreams as a producer. Because I didn’t want to be guy lock away in a room, making beats on his computer without seeing the light of day or interacting with anyone. I wanted to make full songs with artist and I wanted to have a space  I could call my own. So the most logical step was to build a

Why Rehearsal is Important before recording

Vocalist and musicians are true to their craft. They work day and night practicing to getting better at singing and playing their instrument. If you incorporate practice into your daily routine you’re well on your way to mastering your instrument. When approaching a recording project same dedication should be taken. That’s why rehearsals are important. They are not only for live performances. They’re for studio recordings as well. Here are